Tips on Makeup Not Smearing

Smearing can make your makeup go from elegant to macabre quickly. Elemental factors such as heat, naturally oily skin, excess moisture and strong winds can leave your makeup looking smudged and comical at the end of the day. Combat these environmental factors through proper application and maintenance to keep your makeup looking proper through the day.

  1. Mascara

    • Mascara has the ability to make your eyes seem larger and your lashes longer, but it can leave black streaks around your eyes, ruining the attractive look. Applying makeup primer around your eyes will prevent your mascara from spreading to your eyelid during the day. Smear the primer around the eye area with your finger for coverage. Apply the minimal amount of mascara -- just enough to color the lashes and keep them stiff -- to keep it from clumping and drying improperly. Do not touch your eyelashes until your mascara dries. Wear a hat or carry an umbrella to stop water from interfering with your mascara.


    • Eyeliner is high on the makeup offenders' list because it is in a prime spot for smearing. It comes in contact with the moist skin around your eyes, which causes a big problem without proper care. Proper application of eyeliner is your greatest defense against smearing. Wash the area around your eyes with a mild detergent to remove oils that cause the eyeliner to spread. Apply primer to the skin. Put your first layer of eyeliner on the waterline along the bottom of your eye (the inner lid of your eye where your tear ducts are located). Place a second line of eyeliner along the lash line below your eye. Finish by closing your eye and applying the eyeliner to the top lash line of your eye. Avoid hot or damp areas while wearing eyeliner or it can melt down your face. Do not rub your eyes or you will look like a raccoon afterwards.


    • Colorful lips can sometimes come at the cost of your toothy smile. Avoid lipstick-stained teeth by brushing your teeth before you apply the lipstick. It’s difficult for lipstick to adhere to clean teeth. Apply the lipstick carefully so you don’t accidentally coat the inside of your lips that touch your teeth. Do not bite your lip after you apply the makeup either, or it may cause stains. Apply lip liner around your lips before application as well. This prevents the lipstick from bleeding onto your chin and cheeks.

    Eye Shadow

    • Carefully applied eye shadow gives your eyes depth and shape. When it smudges, though, it can cause your eyes to look misshapen and bruised. Applying a powder primer to your eyes before you add the eye shadow helps to keep it in place. The primer blocks oil buildup and gives the eye shadow something more stable than skin to stick to. Avoid moisture and high winds to keep your eye shadow looking fresh. Reapply your eye shadow if you notice it fading.

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