What Kind of Swimsuits to Wear When You Have a Muffin Top

What Kind of Swimsuits to Wear When You Have a Muffin Top thumbnail
Retro-style swimsuits offer coverage of a bulging midsection.

When summer arrives and your swimsuits come out of storage, you might be frustrated to see the tummy bulge or muffin top that emerges when you put on your favorite bikini. This season, turn to swimsuits that are made especially for tummy control. One- and two-piece suits that provide camouflage through artfully placed ruffles or ruching will also hide a muffin top. Or consider a retro-inspired suit to hide a bulging tummy.

  1. Tummy-Control One-Piece Swimsuits

    • The simplest way to get rid of a muffin top when wearing a swimsuit might be to opt for a suit with tummy control built in. The Tummy Control Swimwear website suggests buying a one-piece suit from one of the brand names it cites as the top three: Miraclesuit, Spanx and Tommy Bahama. All of these makers use a blend of fabrics that include Lycra, nylon and spandex. These fabrics, especially when combined to create a tummy-flattening panel in the suit’s midsection, help hold in and smooth out a bulging midsection. If you’d prefer to search for a bargain tummy-control suit, look for swimwear that incorporates a tummy control panel into the suit’s design.

    One-Piece Swimsuits with Camouflage Details

    • You might not need or desire a suit actually made to “hold in” a muffin top midsection. Some traditional one-piece suits incorporate details that help to camouflage a bulging tummy. Strategically-placed ruffles, especially those along a deep V-neck or halter top, can draw attention away from your midsection. Ruching -- material which is gathered in a way similar to small pleats -- when used throughout the torso of a one-piece suit provides muffin top camouflage. Draping across the bust or a empire waist can also draw attention away from the tummy area.

    Swimdress or Swimsuit with Built-in Skirt

    • Swimdresses tend to float away from the body to create a dress effect, so these swimsuits are perfectly designed to hide a bulging tummy. By flowing away from the body, a swimdress doesn’t need to provide distraction from or apply a control panel of fabric to your muffin top, leaving you to move a bit more freely and, potentially, less self-consciously. Some two-piece suits have skirted bottoms, which provide a similar effect. A swimdress is also an appropriate option for women who prefer a modest look with more coverage.

    Tankinis or High-Waisted Two-Piece Swimsuits

    • If you prefer a retro vibe, go for a high-waisted two-piece swimsuit. A popular look in the 1940s and 50s, the high-waisted two-piece swimsuit will cover your midsection, unlike most two-piece or bikini options. Modern versions of this suit often contain a tummy-control panel, ruching across the midsection or a skirt effect along the suit’s bottom. However, true vintage versions of the high-waisted bottom aren't available with a tummy control panel. Another two-piece option is the tankini, the top of which flows away from the tummy and covers the midsection. Tankinis are available with tummy-control bottoms.

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