What Is SQL ClS?

Structured Query Language (SQL) Component Integration Services (CIS) is a type of computer programming language that allows you to simultaneously access, edit and transfer information among multiple servers. The model for SQL was published in a 1970 article written for the Association of Computer Machinery (ACM) Journal. Companies now have choices in the type of SQL CIS they wish to use for information management.

  1. Explanation

    • SQL CIS gives developers remote access to designated servers. PCMag.com defines the concept of remote access as having the power to log in to an organizational computer or networking system from an external location via the Internet. In addition to making information quickly available to employees no matter where they are located, companies that enable remote access save on information technology (IT) costs by allowing technicians to maintain databases from their location instead of hiring full-time, on-site staff.


    • According to Microsoft, SQL technology is optimal for electronic commerce and data warehouse businesses. Some CIS functions available to users include material forecast planning, order processing, and test results. Developers gather data from a number of sources to create comprehensive tables and charts for clients. CIS functions vary depending on client needs and developer skills.

    Program Types

    • There are two main types of SQL CIS. Third-party companies provide off-site data management that is sometimes combined with additional business services. Services are directed toward businesses that do not have the resources or desire to hire additional IT personnel. Other companies offer in-house software packages and include routine upgrades and regular maintenance in the purchase price. The program must be configured by the client, making the option less attractive to people without technical experience.

    Compatible Servers

    • Servers that are compatible with SQL CIS include units that run on Microsoft and International Business Machines (IBM) operating platforms. Another compatible system, Oracle, created the first commercial version of SQL under the name Relational Software Incorporated. Informix, an IBM server designed specifically for online transactions, also works well with CIS. Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) by Sybase is a server marketed toward businesses with heavy concurrent usage.

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