Roller Skating Ideas for Kids

Roller skating is a fantastic activity for kids, whether they do it alone or in a big group. Roller skating is great exercise and it's fun, too. There are a lot of entertaining games kids can play while roller skating. These games work in the backyard and also in a roller rink.

  1. Roller Limbo

    • Roller limbo is a lively game kids can play with three or more people. This is a common game found in roller rinks and is especially fun with big groups. The only thing necessary is a straight stick. Two people hold the stick while others skate underneath. After everyone has gone, lower the stick. Players will need to start ducking lower to get underneath the stick. Anyone who falls or touches the ground with his hand loses and steps out of the game. Whoever can "limbo" or crouch the lowest wins.

    Roller Hockey

    • Roller hockey is a high-energy game that can be played with a group, ideally with six or more kids. Set up goal posts at either end of the backyard or roller rink. You can either use portable soccer nets or just mark off the goals using cones. Give all the kids a plastic hockey stick and divide the kids into two teams. In a pinch, you can use brooms instead of hockey sticks. One person on each team plays goalie. Whoever scores the most points wins the game.

    Musical Roller Skates

    • Musical roller skates is like musical chairs but on roller skates. This is a game best played with a group of kids. Lay paper plates in a large circle on the ground to serve as the "chairs." Play music, and when the music stops, each kid must step on a plate. Start with the same number of plates as there are kids. Remove one plate each time the music stops. Whoever is left standing without a plate underneath his or her skate is out.

    Shoot the Duck

    • Shoot the duck is a great game that doesn't involve too much skill, so it's an excellent choice when kids are skating in a group that has mixed skills levels. One person is assigned the "shooter." Kids skate around the backyard or rink until the shooter blows the whistle. When the whistle is blown, everyone must sit down on their butts. The last person to sit is called out by the shooter and eliminated from the game. The kids can play as one big team, or they can be divided into two teams, such as boys versus girls. If there are teams, whichever team still has the most members playing after a certain amount of time wins.

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