Five Ways to Pop the Question

You may be ready to make the ultimate commitment to your significant other, but figuring out how to propose can be a nerve-wracking, stressful ordeal. Most likely she will be happy with any proposal, but if you really want to take it up a notch, choose a proposal based on her personality or things that the two of you love doing together. Choose a proposal that is both creative and will melt her heart at the same time.

  1. Birthday Proposal

    • Give your girlfriend the best birthday gift ever by proposing on her special day. One idea is to surprise her with the proposal at birthday party in front of all her friends and family. Take the microphone sometime during the party, get everyone's attention and go for it. Another idea for a birthday proposal is to present your girlfriend with a giant, heavy gift box, so that she has no clue that you are giving her a ring. Inside the big box should be another box, then another and so forth until she finds the smallest box, the ring box. Take the box from her and propose on the spot.

    Underneath the Stars

    • There is nothing more romantic than a proposal with nothing but a starry sky in the background. Instead of a typical daytime picnic, take your special someone on a midnight picnic in a secluded area on a cloudless, starry night. Light some candles around the picnic blanket. When the time is right, make the proposal. To make the evening extra special, buy a star in your girlfriend's name from a star registry website. Bring a telescope with you to view the star and present her with a certificate naming a particular star in her honor or in honor of your love.

    Adventure Proposal

    • For the fearless, adventurous couple, only an equally adventurous proposal will do. Go scuba diving and write out "Will You Marry Me?" on a whiteboard to propose underwater. For hikers, take a trek up a mountain with an excellent view and propose when you reach the peak. For adventure travelers, visit an exotic location in a foreign country such as the ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru or the pyramids of Egypt to make your proposal. You and your significant other will always be able to look back on that trip with fond memories of the proposal and can go back to visit on special anniversaries.

    Playful Proposals

    • For the couple that loves to laugh and be silly together, a fun, lighthearted proposal may be ideal. One idea is to make a game of it. Gather some friends and family for a game night and play a game where you have to draw out a phrase for your team to guess without using words. When it is your turn, draw whatever comes to mind for your team to guess, "Will You Marry Me, Sarah?" or whatever your girlfriend's name is. Let everyone else in on the plan beforehand so that your girlfriend is the one that blurts out the phrase. Then get on your knees with the ring right there. Another idea is to take her to an amusement park and ask her to marry you while you are ascending the peak of a huge roller coaster. You will both have an extra adrenaline rush for the rest of the ride.

    New Media Proposal

    • For modern, techie couples, take your proposal to the World Wide Web. Upload a video slide show of the two of you set to music. The end of the video should have you getting down on one knee and proposing. Send the video to your girlfriend or watch it with her. Another idea is to try to have your proposal written out on the scoreboard at a professional sporting event. Contact the management for the facility to determine if this is possible. If that does not work, you can always take out an ad in a local newspaper that she regularly reads. Take out a full-page ad if you can afford it and watch the shock and surprise on her face when she sees the ad.

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