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Amazon Associates offers widgets to put on a Blogger blog.

The Amazon Associates program has developed various specialized software coding that work with Blogger's platform. This software includes Amazon product links, product images, sidebar gadgets and other widgets. Difficulty integrating Amazon products into Blogger may be due to template problems, Amazon account problems, inaccurate coding or another reason.

  1. Blogger Templates

    • offers premade customizable templates with their own coding. If using a different template than one already available through Blogger, pertinent coding used for the Amazon Associates software may be missing. Open a Web browser and go to Sign in to the Blogger "Dashboard" and then click "Design" and "Template Designer." Switching to one of the default Blogger templates may correct the problem of having difficulty featuring Amazon software.

    Amazon Account

    • If problems exist with the Amazon Associates account, then there will be difficulty integrating it with any website, not just Blogger. Go to the Amazon Associates website and sign in. Click "Account Settings" and make sure all information is up-to-date. Click "Help" under "Customer Support" on the left-hand side menu to reach their customer support. Relay the problem of integrating with Blogger and make sure the account information is up-to-date. Something as simple as the wrong address could prevent the Associates software coding from being correct.

    Account Linking

    • The Amazon Associates account ID must be set up through Blogger for the widgets and gadgets to function properly. Go to the Amazon Associates for Blogger website and click the "Get Started" button. Sign in to Blogger and select the blog you want to integrate. Amazon Associates sets up a link under the Monetize tab. Sign in through your Associates ID or create a new ID account. Click "Take the Associates" Tour to be redirected to Amazon Associates to customize links, aStores and widgets for Blogger.

    Gadget Coding

    • To add Amazon Associates widgets to Blogger, click the "Widgets" link in the Amazon Associates account page. Click the yellow "Add to your Web page" button under the widget. Select the format and customize the widget to what you want. Click the yellow "Add to my Web page" button. A popup window appears with the coding. Copy the coding and save in a Notepad file. Go to the Blogger Dashboard and click "Page Elements." Click "Add a Gadget" and choose "HTML/Javascript." Copy and paste the coding into the HTML/Javascript box and click "Save." Refresh the blog and the Amazon Associates widget will appear.

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