Old Glass Coke Bottle Crafts


The classic design of an old Coke bottle makes it perfect for craft projects, and you can turn one from just a piece of glass destined for the recycling bin to a work of art that will start conversations in your house. Whether you just want to find a way to reuse the bottle or you want a new centerpiece for your coffee table, you can take advantage of a few ideas to breathe new life into an old bottle.

Coke Bottle Music

  • You can turn Coke bottles into your own homemade musical instrument. Fill about 10 bottles with varying levels of liquid and place them all in a row. The bottle filled with the most fluid should be on one end, and the amount of fluid in the bottles should decrease as you go down the line. "Play" the instrument by blowing into the bottles. Each one will give you a different note.

Sand Art

  • Glass bottles are good for sand art pieces, which you can use as a craft project for the whole family. You can get various colors of sand from your local craft store and pour whichever colors you want one by one in the bottles, creating layers. You can try combining all the colors of the rainbow or you might go with stark black-and-white layers to mix it up.

Insect Terrarium

  • Use the Coke bottles to create a miniature terrarium for your own home or for a classroom project. Fill up the bottle halfway with dirt and put earthworms in it, or add some leaves and put some crickets and other bugs inside. Put a piece of tin foil over the top of the bottle and secure it with a rubber band, and then poke some holes in the top of the tin foil so your insects can breathe.

Coke Lighting

  • Another way to reuse your old Coke bottles is to turn them into ambient lighting. WebEcoist, for example, suggests drilling a hole in the side of a bottle using a glass drill bit and then threading some Christmas lights into the bottle, leaving the plug outside the bottle. Or, turn the bottles into candle-holders by taking candle sticks and inserting them into the mouth of the bottle.

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