Bulldog With Dandruff

It is common for bulldogs to get dandruff.
It is common for bulldogs to get dandruff. (Image: Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images)

A bulldog can easily develop dandruff for several reasons. Skin disease and hygiene are the two most common causes of bulldog dandruff. Dandruff occurs when the bulldog's skin dries and flakes off. Dandruff is the bulldog's dead skin cells falling off at a rapid rate. You can treat bulldog dandruff, but it can return over time.


One of the most common causes of bulldog dandruff is a lack of grooming. Even though bulldogs do not require a lot of grooming, the lack of proper grooming can generate dry skin. Dogs create natural oils that seep out of the skin. Brushing your bulldog regularly will distribute the oils over the skin and coat. Giving your bulldog regular baths will also prevent or eliminate dandruff. Get inside the wrinkles with the shampoo and rinse the wrinkled areas thoroughly. Pet Scoops recommends that you bathe your dog once a month during the winter and twice a month during the summer.


Another cause of bulldog dandruff is the animal's diet. Dry dog food lacks fat, but you can add cooking oil to the dry dog food. Adding vitamins and minerals to your bulldog's diet will also generate the proper nutrients to eliminate dandruff. Check with your local veterinarian before supplementing your bulldog's diet to make sure the diet is the cause of the dandruff.


It is common for bulldogs or any other dog to get dandruff in the winter. The low humidity and dry heat environment cause the bulldog's skin to dry out easily. Spray your dog's skin with moisturizer or oil rinse and rub it into the skin. The extra moisture lubricates the bulldog's skin, which the dog lacks in the dry climate. This is more common in northern states, then in southern areas.


Dehydration will make the bulldog develop dandruff. Lack of the proper amount of fluids prevents the bulldog from naturally creating body oil. Health issues, such as diabetes and kidney problems, can also cause the bulldog to use liquids rapidly, drying out the skin. Make sure you always have water available for your bulldog to eliminate or prevent this problem.


Seborrhea is a skin disease that can develop in bulldogs. This disease can create a dandruff problem with your faithful friend. One type of seborrhea causes the dog to overproduce skin cells. The increase in skin cells, increase skin cell shedding, causing dandruff. The other type of seborrhea causes an overproduction of oil. The increase in body oil causes the skin and coat to become greasy. The extra grease or body oil generates dandruff at the base of the individual hairs. This disease can be caused by another skin condition, such as bacteria, yeast or fungi infections. Take your bulldog to the local veterinarian to determine which seborrhea your pet has and proper treatment.

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