Scrapbook Ideas for Communion

The first Holy Communion is a religious event that a child experiences when he or she is about 7 or 8. The occasion marks the first time the child receives the "body and blood of Jesus Christ" in the form of a eucharist and "wine," most likely grape juice. Parents often invite friends and family to witness the event and celebrate the child completing another sacrament. After the occasion, a scrapbook serves as a reminder of the day.

  1. Cards

    • Many children receive cards congratulating them on completing the sacrament of communion. Inside the cards, friends and family often write a personal note. Create several pages in the scrapbook dedicated to the cards the child received. One idea is to create a collage of images with the personal notes people wrote on the cards. Cut out each personal message and paste them together. Another idea is to use the graphics on the front of the cards to decorate pages. Those images may also be cut and arranged to your liking.

    Work Sheets

    • Prior to receiving first Holy Communion, children take religious classes teaching them about their Catholic faith. These work sheets focus on the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Bible. Paste part or all of work sheets, such as tests, questionnaires, religious-themed artwork or writing, that the child completed prior to receiving the sacrament.


    • Parents often document the event of first Holy Communion by taking photos. Create a photo timeline that begins with the child getting ready for church, documents the child receiving the sacrament and ends with photos of friends and family after the service has ended. Other photo ideas include taking shots of the child's religious class, religious teacher and the priest or Eucharistic minister who gave the child the first Holy Communion.


    • If you created an invitation for friends and family, include it in the scrapbook. Paste a copy of the invitation and corresponding envelope you used. Include a list of friends and family who attended the event. If this page of the scrapbook is ready on the day of communion, ask friends and family to sign their names around it.

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