Tutorials for Maya Silver Effects

Tutorials for Maya silver effects come in various formats and price ranges. Maya is a three-dimensional (3D) animation program designed by Autodesk, as of 2011 the largest software company in the world specializing in animation software. You can use the program to give images a silver finish, similar to that seen on Robert Patrick's character in the movie "Terminator 2." Autodesk provides special online tutorials, but freelance programmers also offer lessons in print and video formats.

  1. Autodesk

    • For an additional fee, customers can access Autodesk tutorials for Maya silver effects. After an annual subscription purchase, users learn about advanced Maya programming, such as the application of silver effects, through video programs and one-on-one technical support with customer service representatives. Materials are also available in portable document file (PDF) format. All subscription customers have the opportunity to attend Autodesk University, an online resource with one live training event per year. Contact authorized resellers for subscription purchases (see the link in the Resources section).

    Classroom Courses

    • Some people desire formal Maya tutorials in a classroom environment. Students working toward media arts certification must master a number of animation software forms, including Autodesk Maya. Many of these tutorials explore the topic of silver effects, and instructors are available to expand on students' questions. Costs and course length vary by program. Participants must have a high school diploma or pass the general education development (GED) test for admission.

    Free Resources

    • Past and present Maya students have created free, online tutorials to give others a better understanding of silver effects (see the links in the Resources section). Broken into increments lasting five to 10 minutes, the programs act as a supplement to other materials, providing a forum for questions and concerns. Formats vary, with instructors using video to explain the process on a frame-by-frame basis. Other materials come in PDF format, making the materials easier to print and refer to later.

    Artist Training Programs

    • Artist training programs offer specialized tutorials for Maya silver effects. The programs are best for people with basic software knowledge who are looking to use the program in a particular manner. Courses offered incorporate silver effects into aquatic and space-themed animation. Instructors have documented experience within the entertainment industry, and materials are available as digital downloads or DVDs (see the link in the Resources section).

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