100th Day of School T-shirt Project Ideas

The 100th day of school is a milestone that every student looks forward to reaching every year, marking the fact that approximately half of the year is already over. Get your class to make T-shirts that can be worn during the 100 Day celebration at school. Include the phrase “I survived 100 days of school” on the shirt and include the school’s name and date.

  1. Fingerprints

    • Have students make a shirt covered in 100 fingerprints, which can be applied to the shirt by using fabric stamp ink or finger paints. The fingerprints can all be her own or they can be a collection of fingerprints from everyone she knows. If students desire, they may divide fingerprints into groups of 10 and make each grouping a different color.


    • Have each student collect 100 autographs from friends at school, teachers, parents, family and neighbors. Autographs can be written on the shirt using permanent markers, paint pens or glitter paint. If desired, have the child divide the autographs into categories collecting 20 for each one, such as female, friends, family, male, pet owners, adults and children.

    Dalmatian Spots

    • Turn the 100th day into a Dalmatian themed day by making T-shirts with 100 black spots on them. Paint your students faces to look like a dog and give headbands with ears to each person. Make dog bone cookies and watch "101 Dalmatians" during the 100 Days of School Party.

    Stamp Happy

    • Collect 100 stamps your students can use to create scenes on their T-shirts for the 100th day of school. To stamp the shirts use fabric stamp ink and have some fabric markers for the kids to add items such as land, words or faces on people. Let your students design their scene on the shirt using the 100 stamps and, if desired, they can use a stamp more than once, as long as there are 100 stamp marks in total.

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