What Do You Do to the Red Orb in "Fable 2?"

"Fable II" is a fantasy role-playing adventure game for the Xbox 360. When you do something that grants you experience, colored orbs drop to the floor. There are different kinds of experience orbs: green, yellow, blue and red. You need to pick them up before they vanish to get the experience.

  1. Experience in "Fable II"

    • You can gain experience in "Fable II" by killing monsters, eating some foods and taking certain potions. When you accomplish one of these things, a colored orb falls to the ground nearby. This orb will disappear if you don't pick it up quickly. To get the experience you need to pick up the orbs; once they vanish, you can't get the experience. Green orbs give you general experience, yellow orbs give you skill experience and blue orbs give you strength experience. Red orbs give you experience in will, which you need to cast spells. The higher your will, the more effective your spells become.


    • You can gain red will experience orbs from eating fish or blueberry pie, or by drinking wine. Buy these from food stores. The better the quality of the food or drink, the more will experience you'll gain. Avoid one-star foods as they won't give you any experience at all. Note that the moonfish will not give you any will experience. Also note that while fish doesn't affect your character's weight, too much blueberry pie will make him fat. Most wine will also increase your fatness score, but by less. The best quality wine will increase your fatness score by zero.


    • You can take will potions to get red will experience orbs. There are five levels of will potions, indicated by titles and star ratings. A one-star crushed wheat will potion gives you the least experience, while a five-star undiluted will potion gives you the most. You can also get will experience from java potions, as they give you experience in all your abilities as well as healing you.

    Picking up Orbs

    • After they drop, orbs begin to break down. Eventually they'll vanish altogether and you'll miss your chance to gain experience from them. To pick up an orb, move the cursor over it and press the right shoulder button before it disappears.

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