Rustic Ways to Display Wedding Photographs

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Don't let the wonderful memories of your wedding day fade.

After the wedding day, many couples struggle to find new ways of displaying their treasured wedding photographs. Though photo frames are functional, they don't always allow for much personality or let couples to show off all the images they want seen. Rustic, homespun mounting methods fit with a bucolic decorating theme or help preserve memories of a casual, outdoor wedding. Use them to integrate a multitude of your photos into your home decor.

  1. Photo Lanterns

    • Purchase glass lanterns and remove the panes of glass. Place battery-operated tea lights inside. Print copies of your wedding photos onto vellum for a soft effect. Place the panes on the copies of your wedding photos and trace the outline of the glass onto the photos. Cut off the extra paper and replace the panes of glass in the lantern with the photos behind them. The tea lights will produce a subtle glow, illuminating your best-loved images.

    Photo Screen

    • Include an old-fashioned dressing screen in your home's decor and affix your photos to its face. To accomplish this, string lengths of ribbon around each panel and knot them tightly at the back of the screen. Slip the photos between the ribbon and screen to keep then in place. If one strand of ribbon on each row is not stable enough, use two parallel ribbons to keep the photos from falling.

    Clothespin Pictures

    • String up rows of flexible clothesline on one of your walls and attach your photographs to the line by clothes-pinning them in place. This method lends a rustic appeal to any space, and you can hang dozens of photos at a minimal cost. To secure the clothesline at either end, knot the ends to form a small loop at either end and slip the loops over a nail in the wall at each end.

    Framed Collage

    • Paint or purchase wallpaper that resembles a collage of gilded portrait frames and cut out the space inside the frames. Affix your wedding photos behind the paper so it appears to frame your photos. Hang the panels of wallpaper using the clothespin method from section three or attach them to your walls as if they were posters.

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