What Can You Do With a Major in Financial Mathematics & Statistics?

If you’re comfortable with calculators, quick to open a spreadsheet and appreciative of trends, a degree in financial mathematics and statistics might be for you. Once you graduate, many career options are available, so you can focus on the specialty you prefer. Prepare for your eventual career by performing internships and choosing the right electives in school.

  1. Financial Mathematics and Statistics Degree

    • A financial mathematics and statistics degree helps a student learn to apply math and analytic skills to business problems. It is offered by the University of California at Santa Barbara as a bachelor of science. Some colleges offer similar programs. Program requirements vary by institution, so read the course list before you apply.


    • Plan to study economics, computer science and many types of math in pursuit of your degree. Since you’ll use your degree in business, you must increase your understanding of market analysis and trends, so you'll take many statistics courses. Learn another language to communicate with foreign business associates, or study public speaking to become a better communicator.

    Career Options

    • Graduates in finance mathematics and statistics can expect to work in the business world. Look for a job as a market analyst, quantitative modeler or trader. Use your knowledge of business, math and statistics to increase your clients’ investments. You can also predict the price of newly opened stocks to help investors decide whether to risk money on a new venture. If you enjoy writing, look for work with a business magazine or newspaper, where you can offer financial advice and forecast market trends.

    Future Education

    • If you want to learn more, consider graduate school. Even if you can’t find a financial mathematics and statistics program, you can study business math, management or marketing to increase your understanding of business ethics and procedures. There are Ph.D. programs available for motivated students. While you’re ready to be employed with only a bachelor’s degree, your salary and career options may increase with additional training.

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