The Best Gamertags for XBox 360


When you play video games over the Internet on the Xbox 360, you must create a name for your online account, known as a "gamertag." This name needs to be unique to you, and should represent something to do with your name, personality or another trait significant to you. There exists no universal "best" type of gamertag; choose one that means something to you.


  • Many Xbox gamers use gamertags that are modified versions of their own name. Because it's not always ideal to provide your full name over the Internet, you should avoid using your name exclusively. Instead of naming your account "Mike Smith," for example, pick a name such as "Mike84" if you're born in 1984, or "MikeCOD" if you play the "Call of Duty" franchise on a regular basis.


  • It is common for video game players to include some mention of their location in their gamertag. Many gamers list this information in abbreviated form, and may include other elements, such as their name. In the example above, the gamer may choose a name such as "Mike84CA" if he lives in California, or "MikeToledo" if he's from Toledo, OH. Place as much information as you wish, but remember that gamertags must be no more than 15 characters in length.


  • Gamers with a sense of humor will often create gamertags designed to amuse and make fellow gamers laugh. Some of these gamertags are somewhat inappropriate, which is not advisable. If you like to laugh, and plan to amuse some other people playing Xbox, pick a name with a subtle joke, such as "LastPlace," which would be amusing whether you are succeeding or struggling in a given game.


  • If you are having trouble choosing a gamertag you enjoy, peruse books or magazines to look for words that catch your interest. If desired, try a word that most people won't know, pick a name based on your favorite celebrity, movie or game, or create a non sequitur by combining two words that don't typically work together. If you still can't choose the best name for you, open a book, point to one word and create a gamertag based on that word.

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