The Characteristics of Siamese Cats

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Siamese cats make loyal and loving pets.

Siamese cats are an attractive breed that has marveled pet owners for centuries due to their striking physical appearance. They were one of the most prized possessions of many rulers in the past. Their popularity has stood the test of time, as even today many people hold them in extremely high esteem due to their loving, loyal, inquisitive and intelligent temperament.

  1. Physical Appearance

    • Siamese cats are one of the most easily recognizable breeds of cats due to their striking light-colored silky coats with distinct dark-colored patterns covering the legs, muzzle and tail points. Some of the common recognizable coat colors include chocolate, lilac, seal and blue point. Other less-common colors include fawn, cinnamon and cream point. In addition, this breed has beautiful bluish almond-shaped eyes and a tapering tail.

    Types Of Siamese Cats

    • Depending on the body structure, Siamese cats are categorized into two distinct groups — namely, the extreme group and the traditional group. Members of the extreme group of Siamese cats have a slender, elongated body. Their head has the shape of a wedge. The traditional group of Siamese cats is rare, as most breeders prefer the extreme group. Traditional Siamese cats have a heavy body structure with a round head.


    • Siamese cats are quite active and energetic. This playful breed enjoys constant attention from pet owners. These cats often follow their owners wherever they go. They love to be the center of attraction in any kind of situation. Siamese cats are quite vocal and expressive. They are dependent on their owners and become distressed if they do not receive enough attention and care.


    • This breed is friendly with children, dogs and other pets in the family. They may not be quite comfortable to deal closely with strangers. They are happy in homes that provide enough entertainment, such as cat scratching posts, toys to play with and special cat furniture to climb on and have fun.

    Relationship With Owners

    • Since Siamese cats love being with people rather than lazing around alone, cat lovers who like to spend lot of time with their pets would enjoy the love and loyalty of this breed. They are easy to groom and live as long as 15 years if fed a high-quality diet and the owner takes adequate care to maintain good health. However, they may be challenging as pets for timid cat owners who cannot cope with their energy levels and attention-demanding nature.

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