Tips to Get the Legend of the West Outfit in "Red Dead Redemption"


In addition to giving John Marston a fashion upgrade, the Legend of the West Outfit in "Red Dead Redemption" also doubles his Dead-Eye meter. Once you conquer the survivalist, sharpshooter, treasure hunter and master hunter challenges, you'll have twice as much time to target your foes — whether they're Dutch's gang members or random banditos in Nosalida — while in Dead-Eye mode.

Sharpshooter Challenges

  • Perfect your aim with a variety of the in-game guns to earn all 10 ranks of the Sharpshooter challenges in "Red Dead Redemption." Some challenges are straightforward, such as the first three, which require you to shoot a handful of birds, rabbits and coyotes. As you climb the ranks, however, the challenges become increasingly harder, like taking down a bear in one shot and killing six animals without reloading. Effectively using your Dead Eye meter and using the right gun for the job, such as the buffalo rifle when attempting to one-shot bears, will ensure victory on these challenges.

Survivalist Challenges

  • Mastering the Survivalist challenges requires patience and pacifism, as it’s essentially a plant-picking extravaganza. Buying Survivalist Maps from general stores offers the biggest help, as this map shows where all plants are in your current area. Knowing where each plant's native territory is also aids greatly. Wild feverfew, desert sage and red sage plants grow in New Austin. Prickly pear, woolly blue curls and butterfly weed all grow in Nuevo Paraiso, while hummingbird sage, prairie poppies, golden currants and violet snowdrops are native to West Elizabeth.

Master Hunter Challenges

  • Similar to the Sharpshooter challenges, the Master Hunter ranks require a lot of killing. Work your way from killing and skinning fairly harmless coyotes to tackling the biggest bad dudes in the game – legendary creatures like Khan the legendary jaguar, Lobo the wolf, Gordo the boar and Brumas the bear. The hardest challenges require you to kill animals with only your knife; however, keep in mind that only the last hit needs to be from your knife, so it is possible to soften an animal up with your gun first. Make sure to always collect the pelt after every kill or it won't count.

Treasure Hunter Challenges

  • The Treasure Hunter Challenges kick off after a random event involving Chi Fung, a treasure hunter under bandit attack. After saving his hide, he will gift you with a treasure map. The map takes you to a new location, where you’ll find gold bars and an additional map that leads to the next challenge. While these maps require some deciphering, the reward for using the landmark clues on each map is some major cash. Even after using the clues to figure out the general location of each treasure chest, you'll have to use a keen eye and comb over each area to find the nook the contains the loot.

Entering the Cheat

  • To instantly unlock the Legend of the West outfit, you can simply enter the cheat "DON'T YOU LOOK FINE AND DANDY" through the in-game cheat menu. However, entering this or any other cheat immediately marks the game-save as a "cheat save," forever ruining any possibility of accumulating achievements or trophies.

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