What to Know Before You Get a Yorkie Poo


A "Yorkie-Poo" is a cross-breed between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Miniature Poodle. These adorable dogs can make a great family pet, but responsible pet owners should always research their choice before bringing a Yorkie-Poo into their home.


Both poodles and terriers are prone to barking as they are very alert of their surroundings. Yorkie-Poos are also very prone to barking. This can be a good thing for a family looking for a watchdog, however you should take into consideration your tolerance level for noise levels. Yorkie-Poos are highly social dogs, they crave the company of their family and other pets. Dogs left alone for significant periods of time may develop destructive behaviors or bark incessantly.


When choosing a breeder, ask what type of Yorkie-Poo they breed. The type of hybrid may dictate personality traits and the look of the dog. A puppy that is 50 percent Yorkie and 50 percent poodle may look like either parent and have a variety of personality traits. The more one breed is in the offspring, the more likely it will look like that breed. For example a puppy that is 25 percent poodle and 75 percent Yorkie will look more like a Yorkie and have more of their traits.


While Yorkie-Poos are undoubtedly cute, they are also more fragile than larger dogs. They can easily be hurt if stepped on, sat on, or if something were to fall on them. A larger dog could kill a Yorkie-Poo by picking it up and shaking it. Families must always be watchful when a small dog is in their home.

Day to Day

Yorkie-Poos are considered "high maintenance" dogs. They must be brushed every day to prevent matting and also be taken to the groomer for regular trimmings. They must be fed more than once a day with smaller meals to prevent hypoglycemia. Birds of prey, wolves and coyotes have been known to take toy breeds for their dinner, they therefore must always be watched while outside. Responsible pet owners must puppy proof their home before bringing a dog inside. Keep cleaning products, medicines, electric cords and small objects out of reach.

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