Herbal Remedies for Laundry Static

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Vinegar, or even water, can get rid of laundry static.

Laundry static, or static cling, can be an annoyance, especially in dry climates or during winter months. Going to work or school with your clothes clinging to your body or to one another is not attractive. Commercial dryer sheets and fabric softeners, while they often smell nice and reduce static cling, contain chemicals that you may not want near your body. There are natural things you can do to prevent and remove static instead.

  1. Vinegar

    • Vinegar can be used in place of chemical-based fabric softeners and laundry additives to prevent static cling. A half cup of vinegar added to your laundry's wash cycle not only will prevent static, but also will keep the laundered items more fluffy than if you didn't use vinegar. Vinegar isn't for use with bleach, though, so only use it when bleach is not part of the wash cycle.

    Likes With Likes

    • A common adage says not to mix whites and colors when washing laundry, but you can take it a step further to help prevent static. Wash natural fibers, such as cottons, with cottons, and synthetics such as nylon or rayon with other synthetics. This will help prevent static.

    The Dryer

    • Static is often noticed the moment you pull things out of the dryer, especially during the winter. Static and moisture do not coexist well, so pulling your items out of the dryer before they're completely dry will prevent static. Simply hang the items on a clothesline to finish drying, or place them on a drying rack. You'll save a little money on energy costs this way as well.

    When Static Already Exists

    • If it's time to get dressed and you can already sense static on the day's outfit, rub a small amount of lotion or water on your hands, then wipe your body down, sans clothing, with your damp hands. The moisture will prevent the static charge from adhering the clothing to your body. You can also add a damp cloth to the dryer with static-laden clothes and run the dryer for a minute or two to remove the static.

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