What Does a Motocross Sponsor Do for You?

What Does a Motocross Sponsor Do for You? thumbnail
You can reduce the cost of motocross racing by getting a sponsor.

Competitive motocross riders often need to get themselves a sponsor. Sponsors take a variety of forms; a sponsor might be a local bike shop or a much larger company, and some sponsors have nothing to do with bikes at all. The idea, regardless of sponsor, is that the sponsor supports you in several ways, while you advertise your sponsor’s products and help them on the publicity front.

  1. Merchandise

    • Since sponsors are keen to get their brand image in the public view as much as possible, they’re likely to want your kit emboldened with branding and company logos. This can work to your benefit, since you’ll often receive a bunch of new garments from the sponsor. These can include goggles, gloves and helmets, as well as non-clothing products, like bike stickers and soft drinks.

    Parts and Repairs

    • Motocross bikers often get sponsored by companies involved in motor racing itself. Such sponsors might include a local bike shop in your hometown, for example. You’ll benefit when it comes to repairing and upgrading your bike, since the sponsor will supply new parts when something breaks down and perform maintenance when needed. The sponsor will possibly give a substantial discount on more expensive products, such as a brand new bike; this discount is likely to be in the region of 10 percent to 40 percent, according to the Vital MX website. Products, such as fuel, may also be paid for, at least in part, by your sponsor.

    Transportation Costs

    • Part of competitive motocross competition involves traveling to other towns, nationally or internationally to race. Since your sponsor is going to want as much publicity as possible, many companies will pay some, or all, of the costs of traveling for you. This means you’ll save on gas and accommodations when you head to competitions.

    Salaries and Bonuses

    • Whether or not a sponsor will give you a salary and how much they’ll pay, depends on how successful you are and how big a company they are. Many sponsors will pay for your kit and repairs but won’t give you a fixed salary. A rider who earns a salary or a major cash salary from a sponsor is typically a top-tier professional who can add weight to the sponsor’s product advertisements, as the Vital MX website notes. These racers can have a total income above $1 million with this money coming from a combination of prize money, endorsement contracts and sponsorship money, according to Racer X.

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