Homemade Love Letters

Homemade love letters are the letters written by lovers that can include prose and poetry. These letters are not often copied from texts or borrowed from others, but rather, they are the author's personal expressions. Expressing love in letter form is among the oldest forms of love expression.

  1. What To Use

    • Skip the word processor, typewriter or third party. Pick up a pen and a piece of paper to write the letter. A handwritten love letter portrays more meaning than a typed letter. Lovers often use the old fashioned handwritten note to convey feelings to their beloved. Writing by hand also allows for more direct feelings and passion; the typed letter is very formal and far too organized to allow for emotion.

    The Beginning

    • Begin the letter with a pet name you use for your beloved. There are many common pet names; use one most used between you and your love. After the salutation, write a reason for the letter. If you are writing simply out of love and desire, state that in the beginning of the letter.

    What To Write

    • Write from the heart. Express your feelings with adjectives, such as "love," "endearment" or "happiness." Tell your love how you feel directly. Use a dictionary if you prefer, but an honest love letter comes from the heart and is a reflection of the author. If you don't know a lot of love-related adjectives, use words you do know. Love is accepting of all strengths and weaknesses, so if writing is a weakness, don't worry. Use the letter as an expression of yourself.

    Length and Closing

    • The length of the letter is up to the author. Love letters are short or long, depending on the willingness of the writer to write and the amount of expression used in the letter. Whether the letter is long or short, be sure not to repeat information more than once. Read the letter yourself before sending it to minimalize repetition. The closing will be similar to "Love," "Yours," or "Til I See You Again." Include your real name or a term of endearment your love often uses for you.

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