Programs That Offer Help for Low-Income Single Mothers in Michigan

Single mothers sometimes struggle to provide everything their children need, especially on a low income. The Michigan Department of Human Services manages financial assistance programs that help single mothers cover the cost of food, medical care, day care and other living expenses. These programs provide monthly financial assistance, or discounts, to help with the cost of living.

  1. Food Assistance Program

    • The Michigan Food Assistance Program (FAP) provides a monthly voucher that single mothers can use to buy groceries at participating grocery stores. Mothers can use the funds to cover almost every type of food for cooking, including meat, dairy, breads, vegetables, fruits and baking products. To qualify for the FAP program, single mothers must make at or below a certain income level, depending on the size of their household.

    Health Care

    • Michigan offers several health-care programs for children of low-income parents. For example, the Healthy Kids program offers medical assistance to children under 19 years of age and pregnant women. Mothers who exceed the income limit for Healthy Kids may qualify for the MIChild program, which offers discounted premiums on medical insurance for children. Children with special needs may qualify for assistance through the Children's Special Health Care Services. Adults with blood-coagulating disorders or cystic fibrosis can also qualify for this health-care program.

    Daycare Services

    • Michigan single mothers may receive help covering the cost of daycare through the Child Development and Care Program. The program helps single mother's find affordable child care, and may help cover some of the cost. To qualify, the mother must be unable to provide care for her child due to work or school obligations, or due to an illness.

    Family Independence Program

    • Single mothers on a low fixed income may qualify for cash assistance through Michigan's Family Independence Program (FIP). The program offers short-term cash assistance to qualified families. Mothers can use the monthly cash voucher to cover the cost of bills such as utility payments or rent, or to pay for everyday needs such as clothing, over-the-counter medication and school supplies.

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