Red Sox Bedroom Ideas

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Ted Williams memorabilia is a necessity in a Red Sox bedroom.

For anyone who lives and dies with Boston Red Sox wins and losses, having a bedroom in tribute to the team may seem like heaven. It is an ideal theme for children and teens, and allows for a great deal of decorating creativity. You can choose from a variety of ways to show your loyalty to the Red Sox, but it helps to give the room a personal touch so you don't just wind up plastering the team logo all over the room.

  1. White, Red and Navy Walls

    • The Red Sox uniforms feature white, red and navy blue, so you should base your room’s color scheme on those shades. To keep it bright and spacious, use white as the main wall color. However, you can add the other colors by painting the trim navy and using red for the chair rail. Add wainscoting to the bottom half of the wall and paint it red or navy while keeping the rest of the wall white. Use red or navy to create an accent wall in the room, which is an ideal spot for placing the bed or another large furniture item that you wish to highlight.

    Team Bedding

    • Purchase bedding sets for all the major league baseball teams. Opt for a comforter and sheets that feature the Red Sox team logo. However, if you prefer a more subtle look, purchase solid white, navy and red bedding sets, and mix and match the pieces. Add Red Sox pillowcases or throw pillows for a fun touch.

    Fenway Park Mural

    • No Red Sox themed room would be complete without a tribute to Fenway Park. A mural of the famous stadium is an ideal wall decoration – and a fun way to bring America’s pastime into your bedroom. Purchase a pre-made vinyl mural for easy peel-and-stick placement on the wall, or hire a professional mural painter to create a custom design. If you enjoy creative projects, you can paint the mural yourself as well. Using an overhead projector allows you to trace an image of Fenway on the wall, so it’s much easier to create the mural.

    Pennant Valances

    • When it comes to window treatments, opt for plain white, red or navy curtains or blinds. Add a fun touch to the windows by creating valances made of Red Sox pennants. Collect some of your favorites and measure your window, so you know how many pennants will fit across. Sew or pin them to ready-made valances in the team colors and add them to the tops of your windows for a decorative look that shows off team spirit.


    • If you shop around, you’ll find there is no shortage of Red Sox memorabilia, knick knacks and accessories to put the finishing touches on your bedroom. Purchase Red Sox themed lamps, wall decals, picture frames, banks, clocks, throw rugs and waste paper baskets. Add framed photos of Red Sox legends such as Ted Williams, Carl Yastrzemski, Carlton Fisk, Jim Rice and Curt Schilling to the walls for your own personal hall of fame. To give the room a more personal touch, gather ticket stubs from Red Sox games you’ve attended and create a collage for the wall. Add covers from programs or yearbooks to the display, and have it framed to create a custom keepsake of your Fenway Park memories.

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