Secret to Getting Presents in Pocket Frogs

Pocket Frogs is a mobile game that allows you to collect both real and fictional frogs in a tropical setting. One way the game keeps players engaged is by offering presents that unlock bonus content and new frogs. If you want to get the most presents in Pocket Frogs, there are several strategies you can employ to maximize your presents.

  1. Login Every Day

    • If you login to Pocket Frogs every day, you get a daily present. This present can be anything from a new frog to a new item, and is exclusive to that day. To get the most presents, login to the game at least once a day and collect your present. You must open the present for it to be added to your inventory.

    Explore the Pond

    • After you collect your daily present, use one of your frogs to jump around the pond. Though there are plenty of things you can do on the pond (like catching flies), if you want presents, use your frogs' energy to look for presents. Presents are randomly strewn about the pond, so explore often. Since the pond is endless, you can continue to explore as much as you want.

    Sell Frogs and Items You Don't Use

    • Although it can be tempting to hoard your frogs and items, your inventory only holds so much. If you go exploring the pond and come across presents, they are not added to your inventory if it is full. Sell all items and frogs you don't want before you go exploring, so you can maximize the amount of presents you can carry while on the pond.

    Always Go for High-level Presents First

    • When exploring the pond, look for red-wrapped presents first. These normally contain rare or high-valued items. Yellow presents generally only contain basic frogs or coins, which can take up space in your inventory. If you plan to spend a lot of time with Pocket Frogs, and want to get the most valuable presents, always look for red presents first, and ignore the yellow ones until you are about ready to quit.

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