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American police martial arts associations provide either support or instruction.

Police Martial Art is a system of martial arts-based methods for peoples with lawful authority and justification to use force to arrest and restrain another person. The American Police Martial Arts Association is the only North American based international organization of its kind. Headquartered in New Brunswick, Canada, it was started in 1993 to provide a forum for Police Martial Arts practitioners. Other American police martial arts associations are localized and revolve around law enforcement martial arts instruction facilities.

  1. Police Martial Arts Association

    • The Police Martial Arts Association offers a choice of membership categories. A Law Enforcement Membership is open only to active or retired law enforcement officials. A Law Enforcement Associate Officer Membership is open to martial arts practitioners who wish to assist and serve their community. The Public Supporters classification is open to active supporters of law enforcement and participants in community based martial arts activities. The association does not provide training; it provides a support system for police officers who participate in martial arts.

    The U.S. Police Defensive Tactics Association

    • The United States Police Defensive Tactics Association was established in 1982 by a former deputy sheriff, a truant officer, and a martial arts master. The goal was to provide police officers with a nationally recognized uniform method of defensive tactics training. Membership and representation has spread to more than 100 countries worldwide. The association's training program covers several disciplines designed to help law enforcement officers know when and how to use lethal force, and includes practical gun and knife defense, and six levels of karate training.

    Modern Warrior

    • Modern Warrior, located in New York, provides law enforcement courses and support in bo-fung-do, a martial arts system designed to instill self-defense methods against one or more opponents in the streets using a kung-fu fighting style known as wing-chun. Founded by retired New York Police Department officer Sgt. Phil Messina, the facility offers courses for law enforcement officers which include a two-day confrontational cuffing course and a five-day defensive tactics instructor certification course, with an emphasis on self-defense. This facility has rooms for reenactments of home invasions, environmental simulator rooms and realistic alleys, elevators and other places where attacks might take place.

    Kombat Martial Arts

    • Kombat Martial Arts, located in Maryland, offers "street practical" martial art courses. Using its own proprietary Kombat Martial Arts Systems, based on kenpo karate, the center teaches intense street fighting skills, submission holds, chi-na escape maneuvers, ground fighting techniques and more. Instruction includes use of "common sense weapons," which include knives, jos (pool sticks, canes) and short sticks (beer bottles and batons). Kombat also includes tactics for handguns, rifles and bayonets. Local, state and federal law enforcement officers train in this facility.

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