Ideas for Friday the 13th

People are eccentric when it comes to fears and superstitions, and it has been this way for thousands of years. According to "Time" magazine, even Hammurabi, the famous Babylonian leader, omitted the number 13 from his list of laws. Today some skyscrapers omit a 13th floor, going from 12 to 14. Throwing a party can be the perfect idea for such an unusual day, and it all starts with embracing the day's superstitions.

  1. Set Up Ladders

    • The first stop for getting into the spirit of Friday the 13th involves setting up the most well-known superstition of all -- a ladder. Although finding a black cat might be tricky, a ladder can be set up nearly anywhere. If you're throwing a house party, set up the ladder in front of the door, forcing everyone to walk beneath it. If you're at your workplace, do the same thing -- it will put superstitious people on edge.

    Invite 13 and Decorate Like Halloween

    • To make the party accurate, a good rule of thumb is to have exactly 13 people -- yourself and 12 guests. Decorations appear much like Halloween, with dark and gloomy colors. Use the number 13 as much as possible; you can even have a cake made in the shape of the number. Place broken mirrors around the room and spilled salt shakers on the tables.

    Watch the Movie

    • According to the website The Numbers, the "Friday the 13th" movie series has earned nearly $400 million through the years. With 12 movies to choose from, dating to 1980, you have plenty of options. If you wait long enough, a 13th production is bound to take place as well.


    • Friday the 13th and business generally don't mix; however, a clever business can take advantage of this holiday. Stores can set up decorations much like an in-house party would, requiring customers to walk into the stores under ladders -- although if you notice customers shying away from entering your store, you might want to rethink the placement. Stores can also hand out free strawberries; if a pregnant woman eats strawberries on Friday the 13th, supposedly she will give birth to a child with a strawberry-shaped birthmark.

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