The Top 5 Ways You Know You're Addicted to Facebook

Facebook addiction isn't a recognized medical condition, but many people use Facebook to such an extent that their daily lives are disrupted. Someone hooked on Facebook may ignore job and family responsibilities like with any other form of Internet addiction. Not everyone who enjoys Facebook is addicted to it, but there are some clues to tell you when you're on the site too much.

  1. You Ignore Your Work

    • You may have a real problem with Facebook if you put off going to work to spend more time on the site, according to clinical psychologist Joanna Lipari. Facebook addicts may call off work, go into work late or check in to Facebook many times daily during work. If going on Facebook is more important to you than your work life, you are probably hooked.

    You Stress About Things on Facebook

    • If you are worried about getting your Farmville crops in on time or get hurt when someone doesn't friend you right after meeting them, Facebook may be creeping into your offline life too much. Facebook is designed to be an entertaining diversion. Once it takes over your interests and infringes on the offline world, you are too into the site and should back away.

    You're Losing Sleep

    • Some Facebook users go so far as to lose sleep over the site. They stay up late night after night keeping up with many Facebook games, or constantly refreshing the page to hold multiple conversations. If Facebook is the last thing you see before going to sleep at night and you're getting less and less sleep because of it, you may be addicted to the site.

    Your Family Comments on Your Facebook Use

    • Sometimes, family and friends can see things about you that you can't see about yourself. If the people closest to you are making comments about how many hours you spend on Facebook, it's time to take a realistic look at your usage. If you are spending more than an hour each day on Facebook for entertainment purposes, it may be time to step away from the site for a while to re-examine your interests.

    You Get Nervous Thinking About Not Being There

    • Try going 24 hours or an entire weekend without logging on to Facebook. Take care of your games ahead of time, if need be, so you won't be worrying about your crops or Mafia gang. See how doing things besides Facebook viewing makes you feel. If you spend a good part of the time worrying and being stressed out simply because you can't use the site for a short amount of time, it's time to take a serious look at your Facebook habit.

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