The Best Chat Apps at Salesforce

Salesforce is a cloud-computing company that offers business solutions on a subscription basis. Chat functionality among team members in a business improve work flow and drive ideas forward. Chat functionality between sales and potential customers helps a business assess a customers' needs, buying interest, and move a lead from a prospect to a customer.

  1. Chatter

    • Chatter is a cloud-computing solution for communication within a company. Essentially, it helps coworkers chat with each other. Chatter helps workers connect with experts, reach employees who don't work in the office, talk about security-sensitive issues, manage projects, prepare for meetings and presentations, and more. Chatter is part of the Salesforce member benefits. If your company has a subscription to Salesforce, Chatter is free. According to Chatter's website, the program is used by Dell, NBC Universal, Lenovo, The University of Houston, and other institutions.


    • SnapEngage offer live chat with customers. Your sales team can instantly chat with anyone who visits the company's website, helping to turn visitors into buying customers. SnapEngage lets sale members follow a sales transcript, take snapshots of the conversation to review for later, make a contact list of visitors and customers. It also allows customers and visitors to enter feedback on the e-commerce site and the experience of the product. If a sales person is in conversation with a lead who suddenly asks a technical question or needs help on another issue, SnapEngage offers the seller multiple transcripts to reply as well as a method to get answers from coworkers.


    • Like SnapEngage, LivePerson helps your sales team chat with leads and potential customers. While sellers chat with leads, they can view data about them, including buying history, site visit time, and link navigation maps. LivePerson adds the chat channel into the seller's business workflow. It integrates with Salesforce, offers real-time monitoring of visitors, and gives site navigation help to visitors. If a visitor can't find something on the site, sellers can share their desktops with them and navigate them to what they're looking for.

    Live Chat

    • Live Chat is a cloud-computing customer chat platform that has been designed to integrate with Salesforce and is offered for free through Salesforce's subscription. LiveChat lets the seller view the company's promotional outreach history to the visitor, integrating past advertising efforts with the current sale. It shows what pages the visitor has seen and for how long, and shows other contact information for the chatter in case the seller wishes to follow up with a phone call or email.

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