What Do I Need to Run a Live NFL Fantasy Football Draft?

What Do I Need to Run a Live NFL Fantasy Football Draft? thumbnail
Fantasy football has become increasingly popular in the last decade.

Running a live fantasy football draft is a great chance to get together with friends and have a good time, provided that the environment is adequately prepared. This is a social function above all else, so focus on making sure everyone has a good time. Many fantasy leagues are played solely for entertainment, so the draft should reflect that. Food, drinks, draft kits and plenty of laughs are usually the best recipe for running a successful live fantasy draft.

  1. Location

    • Select a fun location to hold the event. This is perhaps the most important element to nail down in terms of preparation. The venue, be it a home, restaurant or private club, should be stocked with food and drinks. A live fantasy football draft is, above anything else, a social event and should be treated accordingly. It may be smart to ask everyone to bring some type of dish or money to pitch in for food and drinks.


    • Putting together a draft kit can be extremely helpful. Many participants will show up with their own resources, but others who are in the league just for fun will need pertinent information about players, teams, and league rules. The NFL website has a generic draft kit you can use. Consider making packets containing all this information to give out once people arrive.

    The Big Board

    • Many live drafts construct a blank board with round-by-round picks outlined. As the draft event progresses, these boxes are filled in with the names of players that have been selected. This often adds a fun element to the draft atmosphere and also helps players avoid choosing a player that's already been selected by another owner.


    • Encourage participants to bring their computers, draft magazines or any other draft resources they may find useful. Fantasy football owners are often quite meticulous about their draft picks, and giving them the ability to use any and all resources at their disposal will enhance their enjoyment of the draft process.

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