What to Wear for Photo Shoots

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Photo shoots require planning.

A photo shoot is a great opportunity to express yourself. It's all about you, so make the most of the opportunity. Present yourself any way you choose, including with the clothes you wear. They can help to capture the "real you" -- or let you indulge a fantasy. The choice is all yours. All you need to do is hire a professional photographer or work with a friend who is handy with a camera.

  1. Street Wear

    • Dress in a normal work outfit.
      Dress in a normal work outfit.

      It’s OK to do your photo shoot in street clothes. If you feel more at ease in what you wear on a daily basis, go with it. You might want to dress the way you would for work or school. Just be sure that what you wear is neat and clean and makes you feel comfortable. Dress in formal clothes or casual outfits. What you wear can be funny or fine; it’s up to you.

    Sports Gear

    • Wear a team outfit for a photo shoot.
      Wear a team outfit for a photo shoot.

      Wear sports gear to show your interest in a team or a particular sport. Dress in your favorite golf outfit and pose with your clubs. Wear the uniform for your sport or cheerleading team. Multi-sport athletes might do a pose wearing parts of different uniforms for one or two pictures in a photo shoot. Fans of professional teams may want to wear team jerseys or caps. The uniforms should be fresh from the laundry and free of stains.


    • Dress like a famous movie star.
      Dress like a famous movie star.

      A photo shoot in costumes is fun for everyone. Rent or create a costume for your favorite comic book hero. Be a NASCAR driver in a jump suit and helmet. Wear the leather and chaps of a motorcycle club. Dress like your favorite movie star from the past or present. You are limited only by your imagination.

    Historical Clothing

    • Historical cosutmes can tell a story.
      Historical cosutmes can tell a story.

      Dress in clothes of a period in history. You can find clothing for almost any era at a costume rental shop or warehouse. Pose in the clothes and style of the 1800s to duplicate a historical family photo of several generations in the past. Plan to obtain items well ahead of the shoot if you choose historical garments. Be consistent with all all of the clothing. For example, wearing present day shoes with clothes from the 1920s would spoil the effect of your period costume.


    • Take a selection of outfits to your photo shoot. Combine shots in street wear, costumes, sports gear and historical periods. Cost is not a problem if a friend handles the photo shoot. Use a good digital camera with at least a 5 megapixel lens. Transfer the images to a computer for touch-up and printing. Use an online printing service for prints larger than 4-by-6 inches. Professional photographers will do your photo shoot on an hourly fee basis so be well organized when you arrive for the shooting date. The pros will do the touch-up and printing before offering proofs for your final selection of prints. A professional will cost you more, so get quotes from more than one photographer.

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