Names of the Varieties of Chrysanthemums

The majority of chrysanthemums serve as annuals or perennials, growing in flower gardens, along borders, in groups or as container plants. These plants come in an assortment of colors and cultivars, many with catchy, appealing names. While most chrysanthemums lack extreme cold hardiness, most are suitable for growing from U.S. Department of Agriculture Plant Hardiness Zone 5 into the warmer zones.

  1. Yellow Varieties

    • Late summer to the middle of autumn is the blooming period for Chrysanthemum "Harmony," a yellow flowering species hardy to USDA Zone 5. Harmony grows to 24 inches tall, with brilliant yellow flowers that eventually change to a cream-yellow shade with a tint of pink. "Jessica" is another yellow hybrid form, blooming from September until frost. Jessica grows 2 feet tall, with fragrant dark green foliage.

    Red Varieties

    • The "Overture" cultivar of chrysanthemum features russet red with golden yellow centers and blooms late into the fall months. Suitable for USDA Zone 5 through Zone 9, Overture forms mounds as wide as 36 inches. This chrysanthemum blends well with other perennials such as sedum and asters, suggests Perennial Resource. As with most "mums," "Raquel" does well in damp, humus-rich soils. It generates vibrant maroon-red flowers from late summer until frost appears. Raquel grows to 24 inches.

    White Varieties

    • The flowers that develop on "Marilyn" feature white rays surrounding a dull-yellow center. Marilyn blooms from September until the temperature dips below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Marilyn generates profuse flowers and is an appropriate garden mum for Zone 5 through Zone 9. Place "Linda" in an area that gets afternoon shade in the hotter regions where it grows, such as Zone 8 and Zone 9. Linda has white flowers that have a lighter shade of yellow in the middle.

    Multi-colored Petal Varieties

    • Yellow petals shaped like spoons with red tips highlight the flowers of "Matchsticks," a hybrid that grows between 18 and 24 inches high. Matchsticks is a variety of chrysanthemum with a somewhat shorter blooming period than most, flowering from early autumn through the middle of fall. Two tones of bronze adorn the petals of "Dark Yotri." This hybrid forms compact mounds only up to 18 inches wide. It blooms from September until initial frost.

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