Activities for Preschoolers Beginning With the Letter T

Activities for Preschoolers Beginning With the Letter T thumbnail
Teach your students about trees during a unit on the letter T.

Make learning the letters of the alphabet engaging for your preschoolers by introducing them to a variety of items and activities that begin with specific letters. The letter T is the first letter of several words that will introduce your preschoolers to topics in social studies and science, and develop their fine and large motor skills.

  1. Trains

    • Make a class train while learning about the letter T. Collect small cardboard boxes in different shapes and sizes, one for each student in your class. Remove any labels before bringing the boxes to school, and mend any tears with tape. Cut out small circles from black construction paper for wheels, and small squares from white construction paper for windows. Give each student a box, four wheels and two windows. Provide paint in a variety of colors and paintbrushes, and encourage students to paint the outside of the boxes any way they wish. Once the paint is dry, show students how to glue two circles on opposite sides of their box near the bottom to make wheels. Next, glue the windows onto the box, and let students add any finishing touches. When each train car is complete, glue them together to make a train.


    • Teach your students all about trees while exploring the letter T. Take students outside to look at trees. Give each student a small plastic bag to collect leaves, acorns and pieces of bark. Give students a magnifying glass to look at the items up close. Give students a picture of a tree to color using markers or crayons. Help students identify and label the parts of the tree: trunk, branches and leaves. Encourage students to stand tall like trees, with arms raised and hands opened wide. Show students how to move their arms like branches swaying in the wind.


    • Introduce your students to turtles with pictures, books and videos. Ask a local pet shop owner or zoo keeper to bring turtles to show the class. After learning about turtles and their shell, show students how to make a paper plate turtle, suggests the website First-School. Before the activity, cut small shapes out of green, yellow and brown construction paper: squares, triangles, rectangles and circles. In addition, cut oval shapes from green paper to make the head and legs. Give each student a paper plate and five ovals. Encourage students to paint the bottom of the plate green, yellow or brown. Once the paint dries, invite students to glue the shapes onto the plate to make the shell. Show students how to draw a face and claws on the head and legs of the turtle, and glue them to the paper plate.


    • Use a lesson on toes to teach students about the letter T and to help them count to 10. During circle time, ask students to take off their shoes and socks. Help students count how many toes they have. Encourage students to count to 10 several times, touching each toe as they count. Place a piece of paper on the floor and ask students to stand on the paper while you trace around their feet and toes. Let students color the paper and label their toes one through 10. Test your students' balance by asking them to stand on their tip toes.

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