Garlic Oil Garden Spray

Gardeners often run into pest problems during the growing season. Insects invade plants and can quickly kill them. Use an organic pesticide when you notice insects on your plants. Organic pesticides are safer to use on edible plants and they do not contain dangerous chemicals. Garlic oil spray contains natural ingredients that effectively controls pests so that your garden remains healthy.

  1. Insects

    • Garlic oil spray keeps soft-bodied pests away. The spray works best at killing aphids, ants, mites, mealybugs, scales and whiteflies. These insects often suck the sap out of plants, dehydrating them. Garlic spray allows you to remove the insects without harming the plants or environment.

    Garlic Spray

    • Garlic spray poses no significant risk to the environment, pets or humans. The oil in the spray smothers insects. Garlic contains sulfur, which poisons insects once they digest it. Garlic's strong keeps pests away from the plants.


    • Only three or four minced garlic cloves are required to make the spray. Once you mince the garlic, steeps it in 2 tsp. of mineral oil for 24 hours so that the oil absorbs the garlic juices. After 25 hours, strain the minced garlic. Dilute the remaining mineral oil 1 pt. of cool water. Add 1 tsp., of liquid dish soap to the solution.


    • Always apply the garlic spray to an inconspicuous area on the plant to ensure that it will not harm the foliage. If the leaves turn yellow or appear damaged after 24 hours, avoid using the spray or dilute it with more water and test the area again. Pour the garlic oil into a spray bottle and cover all areas of the plants. The garlic oil spray will kill beneficial insects as well. Only apply the solution when temperatures do not exceed 80 degrees Fahrenheit because the soap can burn the foliage.

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