The Berenstain Bears Games & Activities

The Berenstain Bears have been childhood favorites for several generations. Enrich kids' experience of the Berenstain Bears by adding games and activities to their love of the books. These activities can be incorporated into a preschool or kindergarten day, or they can fill rainy day time at home. Participating in these activities with your children helps to build your relationship and get to know each other better.

  1. Paper Dolls

    • Making paper dolls helps children develop their fine motor skills.
      Making paper dolls helps children develop their fine motor skills.

      Create a set of Berenstain Bears paper dolls. Print Berenstain Bear forms from the Internet or photocopy illustrations from the books. Next, mount the images on lightweight cardboard or cardstock to make the dolls more durable. If you like, laminate the paper dolls. Let the children create clothing for the bears by tracing around the form onto patterned scrapbook paper. Keep the dolls and their clothes in envelopes for the next time they play.


    • Memory games help improve kids' cognition.
      Memory games help improve kids' cognition.

      Make a Berenstain Bears memory game by copying images from the book or printing images from the Internet. Make two copies of each image and glue all of your images onto 3- by 5-inch cards. Mix the cards up and lay them on the floor or table face down. Take turns turning two cards over at a time. If the cards are the same, the player gets to keep them. If they're not the same, put them back in the same places. To work on comprehension, ask the children what is going on in the picture or who the characters are as they make matches.

    Calendar Making

    • Decorate a blank calendar with the children.
      Decorate a blank calendar with the children.

      Children like to have their own calendars to help them keep track of the days. Print out a generic month calendar from your computer and let them decorate it with Berenstain Bears cutouts and stickers. Help the children mark special days such as holidays, birthdays, field trips and special events on their calendars. Read "The Berenstain Bears' Four Seasons" in conjunction with this activity.

    Coloring Pages

    • Coloring pages fills the time on rainy days.
      Coloring pages fills the time on rainy days.

      Print Berenstain Bears coloring pages from the Internet and have the children color them. If you have a large group of children, give them all the same coloring page, have them color where nobody can see what they're doing and then bring them all back together to see the variety. They will be surprised how one picture can take on so many different looks when the children all use their imaginations.

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