Things to Bring to a Spinning Class

Taking a spinning class is an excellent way to add intensity to your exercise routine. On a hot, humid day or a cold winter evening, heading to the gym for a spinning class can give you a bicycling experience where you won't have to worry about the weather. Though the main piece of equipment is the stationary bike, class participants should bring a few important items with them to make the most out of their workout.

  1. Water Bottle

    • The Mayo Clinic recommends drinking an extra 1.5 to 2.5 cups of water when you exercise and to continue to drink water after your workout ends. Keeping a water bottle near you during your spinning class is an excellent way to keep hydrated while you sweat away the pounds and stress. also assures readers that hydration stabilizes your core temperature as well as pumps blood to your muscles. Water bottles are available in stylish shapes and colors; they can also act as an accessory to your workout outfit.


    • An indoor spinning class should make you sweat. Bring a small towel to class to wipe it away during class. Special towels are available at many workout facilities, and a hand towel from home will do the trick as well. Towels that easily fit into your gym bag and can hang on your stationary bike are an outstanding choice.

    Heart Rate Monitor

    • Wearing a heart rate monitor during your spinning class will help gauge the intensity of your workout. It helps guide your decision to push yourself harder, back off a little or continue at the same pace to maximize your workout while preventing injury. Your spinning teacher will help guide you to the proper heart rate and energy zone for your specific goals and ability.


    • Beginning spinners should wear comfortable workout clothes and flat-soled athletic shoes to class. Seasoned participants find that padded cycling shorts and tops that whisk moisture away from their skin helps make the workout more enjoyable. Dedicated spinners can invest in a pair of cycling shoes to add more power to each pedal stroke for an even more effective performance.

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