Beds for Dogs With Joint Problems

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Relieve your dog's joint pain with an orthopedic dog bed.

Senior dogs are not the only ones who suffer from joint problems. Some large breeds and younger puppies can be prone to them. An orthopedic bed supports a dog's joints, relieves pressure, alleviates pain and can help prevent joint issues from developing in younger dogs.

  1. Filling is Important

    • Choose the best bed filling for your dog's needs. Orthopedic fillings include crushed eggshells and orthopedic foam, high-density memory foam and gel-filled beds.

      An orthopedic bed conforms to the pressure points in the dog's body to help relieve joint pain and soreness. Select a filling based on your pet's weight and the severity of its pain. A thicker bed will give the most support to a larger, heavier dog.

      Pick the outer covering. Numerous fabrics are available, from warm fleece to microfiber, chew-proof canvas or waterproof covers for incontinent dogs.

    Bigger is Better

    • Pick a bed that fits your dog's sleeping habit.
      Pick a bed that fits your dog's sleeping habit.

      Measure your dog from head to the base of the tail to select a bed size. Choose a larger size if your dog is at the upper range of a size. Most dogs will curl up, but the dog needs room to stretch out as well.

    Pick a Style

    • Match your dog, your room or your design. Orthopedic beds come in many styles: bolster beds that resemble a couch with a partial back for the dog to lean against; thick, rectangular cushions, round dish nesting beds, raised beds.

    Sleeping Habits

    • Your dog's bed should be washable.
      Your dog's bed should be washable.

      Consider how your dog likes to sleep. Choose a bed that matches the dog's sleeping habit. A bolster bed is good for a couch dog. A rectangular cushion bed will appeal to a floor sleeper.

      Choose a removable, washable covering or a bed that can be washed with the filling. Check for washing instructions before you purchase the bed.

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