Convection Oven Vs. Toaster Oven

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With so many home appliances and kitchen gadgets on the market today, it can get confusing. For example, is the toaster oven the same as a convection oven? Knowing the difference among various appliances can help homeowners navigate the appliance sections at stores with ease.

Convection Oven

  • Also known by the names of convectional radiant ovens and thermal ovens, the convection oven works differently from a traditional oven. A convection oven utilizes a fan, which works by circulating the hot air in the oven. By blowing the hot air onto the food, it allows the food to cook quicker, evenly and more thoroughly. This makes the convection oven significantly more efficient than the standard oven in the majority of homes in the United States. Because the convection oven tends to be the same size as a traditional oven, anything that can be cooked in a traditional oven can also be cooked in a convection oven.

Toaster Oven

  • The toaster oven is a small countertop appliance that tends to work in the same manner as a traditional oven. The heating elements are located on either the top or the bottom of the interior. When turned on, these heating elements heat up to cook the food. Most commonly, the toaster oven is used to make toast or warm bagels, but it can also be used to heat up pre-made foods like miniature personal pizzas or diced potatoes. Due to its small size, however, only foods that fit inside the tray can be cooked properly.


  • Some models are convection toaster ovens. These toaster ovens work in the same way that convection ovens work. Both ovens also feature various heat settings, including temperatures or specific settings like bake or broil. Furthermore, both the toaster oven and the convection oven tend to come with manufacturers' warranties that can vary in lengths of time and types of coverage.


  • The convection oven tends to be larger, like a traditional oven, whereas the toaster oven is a small countertop appliance. Furthermore, the convection oven can be used to cook large meals for dinner parties, whereas a toaster oven can only cook one item at a time due to its compact size. Also, most toaster ovens cannot be used for processes such as baking or roasting because they simply are not large enough for these purposes.

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