Hair Cutting Games for Boys

Hair cutting games give boys and girls the chance to develop creativity and practice hair cutting and styling skills. Fun and free games allow boys to experiment with their inner stylist without the dangers of using real hair.

  1. Boy Hair Styling Game

    • This fun and free game from the Japanese dressup me games website allows you to create an entire new look for a boy. In "Boy Hair Styling," you must choose a hair style from an interactive picture book, then try your luck as a hairdresser. You must be careful to cut and style to get the right look, or your client will not be happy. Although not in English, this game is easy to understand and is suitable for all age groups. The player must simply click on the various options available in the salon and point the mouse over which part of the boy's hair he wants to cut or style.

    My Head Hair Cut Game

    • Available on the kidsgames4free website, this game is set in a busy barber's shop and is suitable for boys of all ages. In "My Head," you play the hairdresser who must quickly cut each client's hair before his hair grows so long he leaves the shop. Be careful with the scissors; if you cut too short, you lose points. The game lasts 2 1/2 minutes, and you get a score at the end depending on your cutting speed and skills.

    Ameteur Hairdresser Game

    • The Oy1 Games website offers this fun and addictive game in which you choose a male hairdresser who must cut and style a customer's hair. Be careful; if you make too many mistakes, you lose the game and your client will look very upset. Although not in English, "Ameteur Hairdress Game" is simple and easy to understand, and the game introduces the basics of hair cutting and styling to young boys.

    Funny Salon

    • An alternative to the traditional online hair cutting game is offered on the sugar-free-games website. In "Funny Salon," you play a young hairdresser boy who sneaks into a rival's gentleman's barber to cause havoc. The aim of the game is to try to get the customers to leave by making sure the barber makes a mess of their haircuts. To do this, you must climb in through the salon's window and move objects and hairdressing products around. If the barber catches you he throws you out, and the game is over. This is an enjoyable adventure game, suitable for older boys.

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