Things to Remember When Selling a Used Car

Things to Remember When Selling a Used Car thumbnail
Save time and use the DMV's online services where possible.

When your used car has lost its favor with you, there are a few options to dispose of it. If you want to trade it in on a new car, a dealer may take it off your hands. But if you own the title free and clear and want to make more of a profit than you would at a dealership, sell your car on the used car market. Before you place your ad, do your homework to make sure you fetch the best price for your wheels.

  1. Price Competitively

    • Research your year, make, model and mileage to determine a fair market value for your car. There are many websites that help you evaluate the condition of your car to arrive at a competitive price. Check your local paper as well as online classified websites to get a feel for the competition. If there are similar cars in the same or better condition than yours, don't overprice your car. You can put it at a disadvantage right off the bat.

    Clean and Fix Car

    • Your car must be in the best possible physical condition to attract buyers. Wash, wax and clean your car to make it shiny inside and out to help increase buyer confidence. Detail your car if you can afford it. Get your car checked out and repair the mechanical issues you can afford to take fix.

    Collect Maintenance and Vehicle Records

    • Gather your maintenance records and after-market purchase receipts, if any. Detailed records of timely and regularly scheduled maintenance will help the buyer feel more at ease because the car was cared for. Purchase a vehicle history report and print out the most recent price estimation. Have all your records ready so you can answer the potential buyer's concerns and questions about the condition of the car.

    Increase Car's Visibility

    • Gone are the days when you would simply slap a "For Sale" sign in the back window and hope for the best. Now you can increase the odds of selling the car at the price you want by utilizing the free online classifieds and car-buying websites. Use social media websites to help spread the word about the car. Include lots of pictures of the car's interior and exterior. These websites are free.

    Deal With The DMV

    • Every state's Department of Motor Vehicles has different requirements, but generally speaking, you must provide a clear title, free of loans, to sell a car. According to Edmunds, you must provide everything the buyer needs to successfully register the car, which includes releasing ownership and liability to the buyer; then, if there is an accident, you are not held responsible. You must document the sale to the DMV. In some states, such as California, you must also provide a smog test for cars over a certain year. The odometer reading must be verified before the sale.

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