Writing Tools for Scrapbooks

Writing tools are essential tools for scrapbooking. Having the ability to write on your scrapbook pages allows you to add important information, such as height of your children or information about a favorite vacation spot. Adding quotes and journaling to your scrapbook has also become popular.

  1. Gel Pens

    • Gel pens are made with a gel ink and use a roller ball applicator. These are ideal for scrapbooking because the ink flows smoothly, they are available in different colors. Glitter and fluorescent colors are also available. As with any writing tool for scrapbooking, ensure these pens are acid-free or photo-safe.

    Felt Tip Markers

    • Felt tip markers are another writing tool for scrapbooking. They come in a number of sizes and tip shapes, which widens their usage. A fine felt tip marker can be used for lettering and quotes, while a thicker tip marker can be used to add borders and color in images.

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