How to Get a Girlfriend


If you're done playing the field and looking to settle down with one special girl, then you're ready to get a girlfriend. You may meet the right girl in the least likely of places - like school or work - or you may have to seek her out in new places - perhaps by joining a new club or trying out new activities. Following the steps below may help you get a girlfriend.

Things You'll Need

  • Cologne
  • Flowers
  • Pencils Or Pens
  • Breath Fresheners
  • Pads Of Paper
  • Greeting Cards
  • Know what type of girl you're looking for. Make a list of traits that appeal to you, such as intelligence, looks, ambition, sense of humor, or respect for other people's feelings.

  • Resolve old hurts and disappointments. Make sure you're ready for a new relationship by setting aside any grievances about old girlfriends.

  • Attract the type of girl you're looking for by emphasizing your best features and downplaying undesirable traits. Make the most of what you have, both physically and mentally.

  • Learn how to make a girl feel good about herself by taking an interest in her life and her aspirations.

  • Consider any unattached girls at your school or work. Do any of them match the qualities that you want in a girlfriend?

  • Get involved in activities that you enjoy to give yourself the chance to meet new girls. Expand your horizons and your circle of friends.

  • If you have your eye on a certain girl, let mutual friends know about your interest in her. Ask someone you trust to discreetly tell her about your interest.

  • If you don't have the nerve to directly approach a girl who has caught your eye, consider being her secret admirer for a while. Send her sweet, anonymous messages or notes (with a few subtle clues about your identity) to let her know about your interest in her.

Tips & Warnings

  • Love can surface in unexpected places and at unexpected times. Keep your eyes open for the right girl for you.
  • Don't settle for anybody just so you can say you have a girlfriend. Be selective to find the right girl for you.
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