How to Deal With a Jealous Adult Child During Holidays

How to Deal With a Jealous Adult Child During Holidays thumbnail
Jealousy can be hard to deal with during the holidays.

A jealous child can be hard to cope with, especially when your child is now an adult. The holidays are time for fun, laughter and celebration and when your adult child is jealous during holiday time, it can be stressful. Your first instinct may be to lose your patience, but that will keep you from enjoying the holiday, and it will not help your child feel more assured. Stay calm and follow a few steps to help you cope with jealousy during the holidays.


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      Talk to your child about why he is feeling jealous. If his jealousy is warranted, try to change your behavior so your child does not feel this way. Assure him that you are going to do everything in your power to make it better.

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      Listen when your child is speaking to you. If you feel that his jealousy is not warranted, talk to him and explain why he shouldn't feel jealous. Apologize for making him feel this way and let him know that it was not intentional. Include lots of hugs and kisses to let him know how much you care.

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      Remain calm. Raising your voice or getting irritated is probably going to upset your child even more. Keep an even tone despite the fact that you may want to scream.

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      Speak to your child about the importance of family during the holiday season. Encourage her to think about how much love surrounds her during the holidays and that she shouldn't be weighed down with jealous feelings.

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      Encourage him to see a professional, if you are not able to help him feel better. Offer to go with him, or allow him to go alone if he feels that this will be more beneficial to him.

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