How to Make a Dress From Your Stateroom Curtains

Whether you need something to wear to the ship's costume party or just an extra dinner outfit, you can turn the curtains in your state room into a dress. You do not want to damage the curtains, so you cannot create as finished an outfit as the dress Scarlett O'Hara wore in "Gone with the Wind," but you can definitely make an attention getting outfit using only your stateroom's curtains and your travel sewing kit.

Things You'll Need

  • Stateroom curtains
  • Sewing kit


    • 1

      Take down the curtains and remove any hardware.

    • 2

      Fold each curtain in half by bringing the top edge down to the bottom edge.

    • 3

      Lay the curtains side by side on the bed with the fold at the top and the edges in the middle touching.

    • 4

      Pull the left edge of the top layer of the curtain on the right over the curtain on the left and sew the curtains together where they overlap. Sew from the bottom edge to 8 inches from the fold. Sew through only the top two layers of curtains.

    • 5

      Turn the folded curtains over and sew the back side in the same way. The opening at the top will be the "V" neck on the dress.

    • 6

      Sew the curtains together at the sides, from the bottom to a point 6 inches from the fold. The openings will be the armholes on this caftan-style dress.

    • 7

      Pull the dress over your head and stick your arms through the armholes.

Tips & Warnings

  • Safety pin the curtain tiebacks together to make a belt.
  • If you have enough thread, you can gather the fabric along the fold on either side of the dress to make it fit better.
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