How to Start "WoW" Without the Launcher


Implemented after the release of "World of Warcraft," the Blizzard Launcher is an additional application to the game that appears when you start the game. The Launcher automatically downloads and installs new game data, such as a patch or hotfix. Once the Launcher appears, you must click "Play" to start the actual game. If you want to avoid opening the Launcher each time you start the game, you must access the game's files.

  • Open the "Start" menu and search for "World of Warcraft." On the search begins, you should see "World of Warcraft" with a round and yellow "W" symbol under "Programs."

  • Right-click the "World of Warcraft" link and click "Open file location." Several of the game's files will appear.

  • Double-click "WoW" to open the game without the Blizzard Launcher. Drag "WoW" to your desktop to avoid going through the same process each time.

Tips & Warnings

  • If there is new data available, the Launcher will always appear, regardless of how you start the game.


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