How to Fish for Rainbow Trout on Long Lake in Shevlin, Minnesota

Long Lake is in the north-central region of Minnesota. It is less than 20 miles south of the towns of Shevlin and Bagley. Long Lake is publicly accessible and adjoins the Lower Rice Lake State Management Area. The spring-fed lake is home to rainbow and brown trout and a variety of warm water species. The fish diversity is possible because of the different depths and water temperatures. Fishing for rainbow trout in the lake requires special attention to the water temperatures, depth and food sources.

Things You'll Need

  • Jigs
  • Lures
  • Flies
  • Small boat


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      Purchase a fishing license and trout stamp from a tackle shop in Minnesota. The trout stamp is required for targeting and keeping the rainbow trout.

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      Fish the edges of ice sheets as they recede in the spring. The rainbow trout cruise along the ice, eating bugs released by the melting ice. Use midge larva flies against the ice or mini-jigs to prevent spooking the trout in the shallow shoreline waters.

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      Focus on spring-fed areas as the temperature climbs and the shoreline water warms. The springs in Long Lake are easily recognized by the clear water. Trout are often visible to anglers in boats there. Park a boat over a clear water spring and drop a jig, lure or pair of flies until it is close to the bottom. Bounce the lure to catch trout. The Long Lake trout hover around the deep springs during the hot summer months.

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      Use small spinners, jigs and flies in Long Lake. Since the clear water makes the lures extremely visible, large ones will spook the fish.

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      Fish from a narrow canoe, kayak or small rowboat to prevent creating a shadow and spooking fish. The clear water allows you to spot fish in Long Lake, but the fish also can see you. Minimize your presence and sounds on the lake.

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