How to Close Holes on Gauged Earlobes

Getting gauged earlobes means putting a hole in your earlobes and inserting a plug to widen the hole. Some who get the procedure end up regretting it because they feel it makes them look unprofessional in the workplace or simply stop liking the look. Gauged earlobes are generally permanent and are not easy to fix. They might heal in time, although more than likely you will need to see a cosmetic surgeon.


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      Remove the plugs immediately to prevent further damage to the earlobe.

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      Allow the hole to heal over time if it is smaller than half an inch in diameter.

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      Contact a plastic surgeon if the hole is larger than half an inch, as the only way to repair it in this case is with surgery. A surgeon can remove scar tissue around the hole and stich the sides together. Generally, a person is out of commission for only a couple of days and the stiches are removed after about a week.

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