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Fighting a flood will require specialized training.

As a firefighter, you can choose many duties and take various paths in your career. For example, if you live in areas of the country that can experience flooding, such as near rivers and along the coast, you might consider becoming a flood fighter. This job is an extension of the regular duties of a firefighter, and it is an option for both male and female public service workers.


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      Become a firefighter. You cannot become a flood fighter without first serving as a firefighter. You will need to train within the fire department's academy for several weeks, including classroom instruction and practical training. During this time you will likely be introduced to the concept of flood fighting.

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      Expect to continue your training for at least a few years before you are eligible to train for different positions. In some departments you are considered entry-level or an apprentice for at least four years.

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      Talk to your fire department about training as a flood fighter once you have gained sufficient experience as a firefighter. Sufficiency is defined differently by various departments.

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      Attend the training program offered by your fire department. If your department does not offer such training, you may be sent to another district for training.

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      Pay close attention during training, both in the classroom and in the field. The skills you learn when training to become a flood fighter could save someone's life some day. These skills include emergency preparedness, river rescue, helicopter rescue and operation of high-powered hoses to help drain water from an area.

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