How to Move Side to Side on a Birth Ball

A birthing ball is essentially a physical therapy or fitness ball that is used to aid a woman during pregnancy or birthing.Simple exercises such as moving from side to side help position a woman in a way that utilizes gravity to relieve pregnancy aches without pharmaceuticals. The ball also provides a means for a woman to move around during the labor and can even hasten birth.


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      Set the ball on a firm, flat surface free of debris. Rolling over sharp implements will puncture the ball causing it to deflate rapidly. Place a yoga mat under the ball for added traction.

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      Feel the ball. It should be inflated so that it is firm, but has some give under pressure. Measuring the ball is another way to determine proper inflation. Exercise balls are identified by the size they are intended to be when inflated. So, another way to determine if a ball is properly inflated is to measure the ball.

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      Hold the ball steady with your hands as you lower yourself onto the ball in a seated position. During pregnancy a women's center of gravity is shifted to the lower abdomen to help accommodate the changes that are occurring. To ensure safety, it is a good idea to have a spotter stand behind you to provide addition support.

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      Sit on the ball with your back straight. Place your feet flat on the ground shoulder width apart. This position creates a wide base and will provide the most support.

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      Place one hand on each knee. Remain still for a few moments to allow the body to adjust to the new center of gravity.

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      Sway back and forth on the ball alternating your weight from one side to the other. The swaying relaxes pelvic and abdominal muscles; and the position, which is similar to a squat, helps to naturally open up the pelvis.

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