How to Address a Sitting Judge in a Letter

It is tradition to show respect when addressing a judge, even when communicating with the judge by letter. To show the judge respect, address her in a specific manner at the beginning of the letter. This same respect should be carried throughout the body of the letter.


    • 1

      Enter your full name and address on the top right of the page.

    • 2

      Enter several returns or line breaks, then enter the date of the letter on the left side.

    • 3

      Drop down two lines and enter the title of the presiding judge and her court. For example:

      The Honorable Judge Stone

      Domestic Violence Court

    • 4

      Drop down two spaces and open the letter with "Dear" followed by title, last name and a colon. For example, write "Dear Judge Stone:" before the text of your letter.

    • 5

      State the purpose of your letter clearly in the first line. Keep the letter to the point. Close the letter with "Thank you" and drop down two lines and enter "Respectfully" or "Sincerely," leaving space after the word to sign your name. Four lines should be adequate. At that point, type your full name, date of birth, case number or the case title (e.g., People vs. Williams).

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