How to Root the HTC HD2

The HTC HD2 is a smartphone sold by T-Mobile. The smartphone comes equipped with the Windows Mobile operating system. Rooting a phone simply means that you are hacking the operating system to uncover certain abilities that you previously did not have. Rooting your HTC HD2 also gives you the ability to flash certain ROMs to completely change your phone's operating system. For example, you could flash your HTC HD2 with the Android operating system.


    • 1

      Make sure your battery is at least halfway charged.

    • 2

      Download and install Windows Mobile Device Center on your computer (see Resources for link). Connect your HD2 to your computer using the USB cable. When a connection has been established successfully, your Windows Mobile Device Center program says "Connected."

    • 3

      Download the HARDSPL file (see link in Resources).

    • 4

      Synchronize your phone with the Windows Mobile Device Center.

    • 5

      Run the HSPL2_1024_RUN.exe file that you downloaded in Step 3. Be sure to read all text carefully and click "Next" when you are ready to begin. Your phone will now enter a tri-color screen mode. This is called the bootloader screen.

    • 6

      Select "2.8HSPL" and click "Next." This will flash to your phone. When you receive a notification that says "We Hacked It," you are done flashing your phone.

    • 7

      Click "OK" to reboot your phone. At this point, your phone is rooted and you can decide if you want to flash a custom built ROM to it.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be careful when trying to do this process. Be aware that rooting your phone voids your T-Mobile warranty. Anything that goes wrong will be your responsibility. Complete at your own risk.
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